About Jim DuPlessis

My political views include:

  • Improved education for our children
    • Enhanced pay to attract the best teachers
    • More focus and funds for skilled trade education in both high school as well as post secondary education
    • School Choice
    • Options for chartered schools in poor performing districts
  • Bringing more jobs to Kentucky
    • Make Kentucky more business friendly by reducing job stifling regulations and taxes. This will both attract and retain jobs for the state.
    • Enact Right to Work Legislation
  • Lower taxes to spur the economy and to help the poor keep more of what they earn
  • Responsible spending in Frankfort
  • Government that works within the scope of the constitution
  • A strong military
  • Pro Life
  • People taking personal responsibility for the choices that they make
  • A safety net for down trodden is needed. However, government assistance should be not be a life long handout but a quick hand UP that leads to a life long stability
  • The two greatest documents ever written that will help to guide my legislative decisions are the Constitution and the Bible